Me with my awesome birthday cake my mommy made.

It’s my birthday today! Which means this website has come into this world same day as me and I have no idea what I should say as an introduction. I think I should tell you how this website came into being. It started in 5th grade when the word got around about social media and me seeing as “all of my friends” had it I wanted it too. So I starting asking my mom about getting social media. She said she would think about it and a month or so went by without us talking about it.

Then I wanted something more than just watching youtube videos. I wanted something I could make. So once again I went to my mom and asked her. “Can I have a youtube channel?” “What are the age restrictions” My mom responded. “13?” I said “Then you can’t have it” she replied. Then I asked “What if my dad owns the channel?” She said “I can’t control what your dad does.” So a couple days later I had a Youtube Channel. (Sorry mommy…)

About three months later my youtube channel had only a hand full of subscribers and I thought the problem was I didn’t have social media so I then I wanted social media more than ever, and I thought I would have a better chance if I waited until my birthday to ask my mom. So today I asked her ONE more time for social media, “Mom…” I said “You know I don’t really need social media.” “You don’t.” Agreed my mom. “But why can’t I have it?” I asked. “Do you think I’m slow?” My mom replied. “No. I just really want to have it.” I replied. She said “I know that but its unhealthy for kids to have social media. But you can have your own website.” “Website?” I questioned. “Yes you can have a website.” And then she gave me a website!

So here I am writing my own blogs and making videos. Now I can share my story with all of you!

Yuri 🥳

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